Clicks Hiring for December


Successful completion of National Certificate: Pharmacy Assistant Program for Students (Assistant General of Pharmacy) and Continuing Education and Training Certificate: Assisting Pharmacist (Assistant Pharmacist with Basic Pharmacy) through Accredited Pharmacist.

An organized program consisting of academic and practical aspects leading to qualifications listed on the National Qualifying Framework (NQF).

As a Trainee in this program, you will be required to achieve the following goals:

Successfully complete Student Training Contracts at a Registered Pharmacy and under an approved plan.
Participate in required training sessions and successfully complete career evaluations
Submit a Record of Evidence
Provide support to the healthcare industry at one of the Click Hospitals under the supervision of a pharmacist and within the law of practice as defined by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC)

The requirements of LB should be as follows:

(Important) – Matric with the following issues and passed free:

Maths with a pass of 50% or more or Math Lite literacy with a pass of 60% or more
English is either the first or second language at 50% or higher
Science or Physical Sciences course with a pass
Skills, Powers and Job Techniques:

Customer service expands
Working together
Inaccurate and careful in the details
Writing skills
Free Textbook Design

Important Requirements:

Respect for Principles and Values
Working with People
Product Delivery and Adult Request
Follow the Instructions and Procedures
Communication and Communication
Planning and Organization
Each will be provided as follows:

Meet the Company’s strategic objectives as outlined in the equity action plan
Meet the expansion of the National Program for the development of unemployed youth
Completed reply:

Successful applicants will need to enter into a work agreement and will need to work for Click as a Senior Agricultural Assistant for a period equal to the length of the learnership as a minor
Proper disclosure only that applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be contacted.