PORTER Director-General: Rural healthcare services FEE: R102 534 CENTER OF THE YEAR: Paarl Hospital REQUIREMENTS: Class 10 Minimum requirements: basic numeracy skills and literacy skills. Experience: adequate porter experience in hospital settings. Inherent job requirements: willingness to work shifts, including at night, weekends and holidays. He must be sober, physically fit to lift patients to beds, prams, vehicles, wheelchairs and heavy equipment. The tendency to handle corpses (dead bodies). Willing to work in all departments/departments of the hospital. Powers (knowledge/skills): Ability to communicate in at least two of the three official languages ​​of the Western Cape. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Knowledge of safe methods of preventing infection. Ability to work under pressure, without supervision and in the context of a team.

Responsibilities: (Key Benefits / Benefits: Good transportation for patients with wheelchairs, beds, and wheelchairs to and from the different wing/wing and in the ambulance and private car/rental. Gasoline cylinder in the operating area/maintenance and assistance in replacing medical equipment. Good and efficient management system Equipment and reports to supervisors of all types of damage to wheelchairs and wheelchairs Answer field/office and blood and blood transfusion requests Inquiries: Ms. GP Storm, phone: (021) 860-2844 or email: Genevieve.Storm@westerncape.gov.za

APPLICATION: The Chief Executive Officer: Paarl Hospital, Private Bag x3012, Paarl, 7620. 113 FOR ATTENTION: Mr. K. Cornelissen NOTE: No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post. CLOSING DATE: 31 January 2020