Location: Midrand

We are looking for future leaders of our business: today’s graduates have ambition, motivation, and ideas to shape their lives. If so, Discover Graduate will provide an accelerated career. Receiving strong commercial exposure from day one, you will receive rotations in various areas of our organization. We are committed to developing and promoting new talent so that you can expect a great deal of support and guidance in developing your skills in your chosen field. This is an exciting and valuable event and, working with some of the industry’s top experts, you will develop solutions that will shape the future of our customers and yours.

What program require.

Must have 0-2 years of study experience.
Must be between 23 and 35 years old.
South African by birth/naturalization before 1994, but citizens from DRC, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Namibia are encouraged to apply to these markets.
They must have had at least a grade 11.

Step 1

Before applying, make sure you follow all of the above steps.

Step 2

Open the certification below by selecting a section from the list and answering all the questions correctly.

step 3

After completing the questionnaire, apply it.

Step 4

Once you have registered and registered, send a confirmation email for a receipt. Our customer service team will carefully review your request and provide feedback on every step along the way!

The Labor Council has adopted an employment plan and objectives that should be considered as part of the recruitment process. As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage people with disabilities and accept them to apply.

Vodacom is looking for an organizational culture that recognizes, values ​​and respects design value.

How to Apply

Apply Online for the Vodacom Graduate / Internship Programme