JOIN THE AGENCY IN THE BUSINESS PROCEDURE GROUP CHAPTER PRISONER CENTER Working conditions: Group Beshi (Ltd), Inshaat Beshi Tikinti (Ltd) or other subsidiaries. (“Company”): 1. USE OF THE WORK OF THE COMPANY AGENCY 1.1. This document defines the conditions under which the branch will be included recruitment agency services. 1.2 These conditions, on the contrary, prevail a document submitted by an employment agency wishing to work with the company Such terms signed and accepted by the company in the past do not yet exist. 1.3 Curricula (CVs) provided by this employment agency will be available only if I find a job or wonder if that agency is suitable for the job: 1.4 Entrepreneur is registered after approval of the described procedure (in 1.3.1) Underneath.

1.5 You have received a written request from the official contractor from the company Procurement Department / Center of Excellence of the company to bid for a particular candidate vacant in the format attached to Annex A. 1.6 The list of these authorized contractors is attached as Annex B. 1.7 This list may be modified from time to time, and it will be the responsibility of the Agencies to ensure the list of recruiters they have updated. 1.8 It is stated that the intent of this procedure is to prevent unauthorized personnel from the line make these requests and therefore this will not be accepted as fulfillment or fulfillment of this requirement. 1.9 It is not the desire of the Company to deprive any agency of due compensation and, as such, of anything the hiring agency registered as the company’s vendors will need to sign and accept these conditions before being registered/remaining registered as a seller.

2. DO NOT SELL CANDIDATE / CV INFORMATION 2.1 No agency representation is recognized or awarded as a candidate company, either by physical or electronic login or by personal advice, unless this introduction fully meets the above conditions previously. 2.2 All advertisements or publications with such an introduction are treated as if they were made by the candidate was presented to society 3. AGENCY REGISTRATION PROCESS 3.1 Before an agency can participate in the submission of candidates, it must register with the agency the company’s COE system and are invited to bid for a specific job,