Metrofin Call center vacancies


Our values drive our behaviour in the way we work with our fellow employees and our clients. To ensure we remain professional in our business we commit to the following:

We will ensure that we demonstrate respect to each other and our clients.

We strive to maintain a strong performance ethic which includes meeting the requirements of our respective jobs.

In conducting our business, we commit to ensure positive and friendly interactions with each other and our clients.

We will conduct ourselves professionally at all times.


We will strive to ensure that our product and service remain accessible to our customers

Our business processes will be easily understood by our customers thus ensuring their comfort in doing business with us

We consider ourselves to be a financial friend to our customers providing them with assistance where ever possible

We will uphold the dignity of our customers at all times when they engage with us.


As a Business-Driven credit provider, Metrofin aims to focus on the short-term loan market.

We confine our customer base to those clients who are formally employed.

We will conduct our services to these customers within the regulations of legislated acts that inform our business sector.

External recruiting

External recruitment can take the form of advertising the vacancy in a

relevant newspaper/s or retaining the services of a recruitment consultancy

to search for suitable candidates on behalf of the company.

External recruitment may begin concurrently with internal recruitment. External advertising.

If the position is to be advertised directly by the company, the HR co-

ordinator should be consulted in terms of the wording of the advertisement.

The advertisement must be placed in a newspaper with readership

demographics that are in line with employment equity requirements.

Applications are done online.

To upload your CV, please click on the link below and complete the google form.

Before clicking on the link, please be sure to read and understand our Recruitment policy.

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