Khukhula is derived from the Zulu word, “ukukhula” meaning to grow or develop.

With this in mind, Kukhula has been dedicated to the growth and development of individuals and organizations since 2002, by developing employees through our dynamic facilitation, practical application, and customization to suit our client’s industry. Khukula gives employees practical competencies and skills that will enable them to fulfill and exceed in their roles within the organization and optimize future growth.

In addition, we also offer enterprise development for entrepreneurs to grow and establish sustainable businesses, as well as learnerships which empowers people living with disabilities to become part of the workforce and also allows organizations to gain maximum BBEE scoreboard points. We are an equity organization with over 21 years of training experience in all business sectors, with a level 1 BBEE scorecard, branches, and associates throughout South Africa, giving us a multi-national footprint.


” Shaping our future”

The Kukhula vision is the seed of the organization, growing in all areas, people, and actions taken within,”shaping the future” in alignment with environment changes happening consistently in the modern-day working environments and economy.


” One learner at a time”

We at Kukhula believe that when unlocking someone’s full potential then we can truly shape the future of the working environment for individuals and employers alike. Making an impact on the economy and enriching lives is what we do.


“Teamwork, Above & Beyond, Integrity, Innovation”

These are 4 core values that we strive to conduct in our business, may it be in the classroom or in the office. Kukhula Team strives to go above and beyond for all our learners, clients, and each other.

We offer Learnerships and Short skills programmes.

The following learnerships are available within our Company:

  • National Certificate in Management NQF3
  • FET Certificate in Management NQF4
  • National Certificate in Management NQF5
  • General Education & Training Certificate in business Practice NQF1
  • National Certificate in Administration NQF3
  • FET Certificate in Administration NQF4
  • National Certificate in New Venture creation NQF2
  • FET Certificate in New Venture Creation NQF4
  • General education & Training Certificate: Hygiene & Cleaning NQF1
  • National Certificate in Mixed Farming NQF1
  • National Certificate in Mixed Farming NQF2
  • National Certificate in Mixed Farming NQF4
  • FET Certificate in occupational Trainer NQF4
  • National Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education Training & Development practices NQF5
  • Early Childhood Development NQF4
  • National Certificate in the Contact center NQF3
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Contact Center operations NQF4
  • National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Operations NQF3
  • National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision NQF4