Speccon currently provides the following learnerships.


Business Practice: NQF Level 1 Services SETA

Domestic Services: NQF Level 1 Services SETA

New Venture Creation (SMME): NQF Level 2 Services SETA

New Venture Creation: NQF Level 4 Services SETA

End User Computing (Completed entirely online): NQF Level 3 MICT SETA

Business Administration: NQF Level 3 Services SETA

Business Administration: NQF Level 4 Services SETA

Generic Management: NQF Level 5 Services SETA

Information Technology: Systems Support: NQF Level 5 MICT SETA

Business Analysis: NQF Level 6 MICT SETA

Closing Date

Every person will be enrolled as soon as their learnership agreement is registered with SETA. There is thus no closing date. We will start new sessions every month.


Entry requirements

The applicant must at least have a matric certificate with English and Mathematics to complete these programs. For the management program it is important to also have some working experience as this is a NQF 5 program and relates to management.

Learnership provide the employer and employee with a good mix of opportunity and skills development, whereby the employer trains people into the kind of workers they require, with the skills they need, while at the same time people gain highly desirable skills for work opportunities.

A learnership programme leads to an NQF registered qualification and consists of a theoretical course as well as practical training, which is done at the workplace.

How does SpecCon deliver the Learnership?


Theory is studied online. Learners will receive access to the Speccon E-learning online platform, along with a PDF version of the manuals. This includes 12 monthly contact sessions, 1 per month, conducted via webinar.

Unemployed people must sign both the learnership agreement and an employment contract with the host employer. The employment contract is only for the period of learnership.