Customer service assistant in the showroom.


The purpose of the role


Identify immediate sales and customer service needs.

Key performance

Interact with customers through sales and service experience and adherence to process and quality.

*Picker and Packers/ Cleaners / Accounts / Short Deliveries / Exchange / Receipt / Angry Customs / Merchandise Returns / Rush Orders.
*Help customers pay premiums, resolve inquiries, fulfill orders, and return merchandise.
*Cash management is in accordance with policies and procedures.
*Accurate and precise day-to-day management in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Client experience.

*Make sure to pick up customers at the entrance to the showroom.
*Make sure immediate needs are identified and assist accordingly
*Make sure to help customers with self-help kiosks

Product retention and practical knowledge

*Make sure your HomeChoice catalog and products are up to date
*Make sure to follow the offers and prices online with the catalog.
*Make sure your knowledge of the sales and customer service system is up to date

Visual merchandising and cleaning

*Support for visual merchandising compliant with VM and Housekeeping protocols
*Make sure cleanliness is a priority and is easy during the working day, opening and closing
*Instant control of working hours

Management of returns and goods


*Manage inventory management and customer returns on WFS / GR ledger audits
*WFS Comments

Catalog inventory management

*Always make sure catalogs are available
*Make sure you know the stock size and promotions that are being advertised

Complete the assessment process

*Make sure the exams are documented on the client’s account.
*Make sure reviews are posted and collected on time.
Picker and Packers/ Cleaners /Accounts / Short deliveries / Exchange / Receipt / Angry customs / Return of goods / Rush orders
*Help customers with account requests


Qualifications and accreditations

*Grade 12 / Matric or equivalent

Experience and skills
*Must be able to work shifts, weekends and holidays
*Clear credits and criminal record
*Excellent face-to-face customer behavior etiquette.

Attribute and behaviors

*Customer-centric attitude
*Performance and results oriented with a relentless drive to succeed
*A strong positive attitude and an energetic, positive approach.
*Exceptional attention to detail with an in-depth approach to the job
*Excellent listening and interpersonal communication.
*Team player but able to work independently