Closing Date: Friday 13th of November 2020
Organization Truworths
Employment Type Learnership
Province South Africa
Town/City South Africa
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Have you Matriculated in the past years and looking for development for a career in retail? Applications are now open for the Truworths 2021 Learnership Programme.


Benefits to learners

Quality and Relevance of Training

  • Improved quality of the education and training you receive;
  • acquisition of the theoretical basis relevant to the occupation, as well as the ability to apply learning in the real work situation; and
  • practical relevance of what you are learning.

Development of Applied Competence Required in the Workplace

You will develop the ability:

  • to perform a set of job-related tasks – to actually do things;
  • to understand what you are doing and why;
  • to learn from what you are doing; and
  • to adapt what you are doing to changes and unforeseen circumstance.

National recognition of competence

  • National recognition of learning achievements that have wider application than in a single workplace of one employer;
  • opportunity to obtain nationally recognised qualifications that are portable in the industry, across sectors and internationally; and
  • opportunities to obtain higher levels of competence and certification that will enhance your marketability.

Improved access to and opportunities for employment or income-generation

  • Opportunities to acquire fixed-term employment contracts for the duration of the learnership;
  • opportunities for gainful employment, either with an employer, through self-employment or in temporary employment;
  • opportunities for employed learners for job advancement/enrichment, and/or promotion; and
  • opportunities for fast-tracking the development of learners.

Access to further learning

  • Access to further education and training opportunities, either through other learnerships or advanced training programmes


Improved skills and work performance

  • A Learnership is a tool for multi-skilling, as it develops the competence of employees in every component of the work processes of an occupation
  • The learning route of a Learnership is more effective in promoting the practical application of learning in the workplace than most other routes
  • Because employees will be acquiring new knowledge and skills and applying these in the workplace, companies will be raising the skills levels of employees while improving work performance

Achievement of Employment Equity Objectives

  • Progress in meeting Employment Equity targets, since previously disadvantaged employees have opportunities to improve their work-related competence and obtain qualifications

Appropriately Trained Recruitment Pool of Potential Employees

  • Employers will be able to select employees from a wider pool of appropriately qualified workers who have developed skills that are relevant to the company’s specific work context

Increased Return on Investment in Training

  • Higher returns from the Skills Levy and investment in training, due to transfer of learning to the job, as well as increased grant disbursements from Skills Levy contributions